Tuesday, January 11, 2011

stuffed jalapenos

my mom sent kris some fun jalapeno cooking tools for hanukkah so we decided to make stuffed jalapenos. the corer made digging out the seeds quick and easy and then we had this fancy rack to hold them up while they roasted in the oven. the rack is meant to go on a grill but it worked out just as well in the oven, and i added some liquid smoke to the filling to get a little of that smokey goodness. they would have been awesome except that the jalapenos we got were suuuuper spicy. it made for painful enjoyment. i will give this creation another shot though, next time i will just pray to the jalapeno gods for milder peppers, please. for the stuffing i made a tempeh/ricotta mixture that doubled as a yummy sandwich spread the following day. here's the recipe-ish (i forgot to write down what i did, oops).

ricotta tempeh stuffed jalapeno peppers
cashew ricotta,except leave out the basil and add red pepper flakes* to taste instead
1 package tempeh
hot sauce
liquid smoke
salt and pepper
olive oil
medium - large sized jalapeno peppers, cored

heat a glug of oil in a skillet and crumble the tempeh stirring occasionally until it starts to brown. add cumin, coriander, hot sauce, salt and pepper to taste as well as a few drops of liquid smoke. cook until heated through.

move the tempeh mixture into a bowl and add 3 or 4 big spoonfuls of cashew ricotta, mix it all up and and adjust seasoning if needed.

place your cored peppers in the rack (if you've got one) and fill 'em up. put their tops back on a cook at 350 for 30ish minutes until the peppers are soft.

eat and enjoy. hopefully.

*my mom also sent a bag of aleppo pepper flakes and they're delicious. a tangy sort of spicy. i highly recommend seeking some out.


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