Wednesday, May 27, 2009

vegan brunch-a-thon

i have been anticipating the release of vegan brunch for quite some time. when it finally came out i needed to get my hands on it immediately. no way was i patient enough to order it and wait for amazon to deliver it. i had to find it in a bookstore and quick! i was in luck and brought it home just in time for the long weekend. cause really? what's a long weekend for if not breaking in the newest cookbook from my favorite cookbook author? kris was on call this weekend so that gave us a "real" excuse not to leave the apartment for extended periods of time. plus, we did not have a sunny memorial day weekend. it was chilly and foggy and perfect for cooking up a storm!

one night long long ago my mom, marjorie and i tried to make pierogis. we had a blast....but our pierogis were inedible. i couldn't help thinking back to that night as i made these, but isa knows her stuff and these were amazing! i never thought i liked sauerkraut (kris thought he didn't either...) but ohmygoodness the sauerkraut mushroom filling is fantastic! the potato onion ones were awesome as well. smothered with carmelized onions and applesauce.

english muffins were another project i was excited about. i only have a small cookie cutter so i made mini ones (i suppose i could have just cut them into normal sized squares....). the taste was spot on but sadly my muffins had neither nooks nor crannies. it's ok. i'll try again.
they were the perfect size for little mini sausage egg muffin sammiches! yep that's right...we made sausages!

and a dill shiitake frittata (the "egg" of our sammies).

and last but not least...matzoh brie! this one almost didn't get it's picture taken cause it was not very photogenic but then i threw a bunch of dill on top and, ta dah!

head over to the ppk for some sample recipes and then buy your own copy. and i have to mention that the book is gorgeous! full of bright photos to make your mouth water.


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