Sunday, March 15, 2009

my food

i just had a wonderfully delicious birthday weekend*. i got the idea in my head that i really wanted to go to maggie mudd for a birthday cone. on saturday the forecast for sunday said rain...not perfect for an ice cream trek. kris said that in place of an ice cream excursion he would make me cupcakes! awwwwwwwww. he made the coconut heaven cupcakes from vegan with a vengeance. and yes, they were heavenly.

as hard as i tried though, i just couldn't seem to get maggie mudd out of my head. we went to the store and bought a pint and some cones. hey sometimes a birthday girl needs cupcakes and ice cream cones!
it's really no surprise that for dinner i picked tacos. we are super lucky to live right around the corner from the little chihuahua. there are so many mexican restaurants and taquerias to choose from in this city but this one is my favorite. agave wine margaritas, chips and salsa, my favorite mushroom taco and a black bean and plantain burrito for kris, i think it was the perfect birthday dining finale.

*the festivities began saturday night when kris took me to aziza for a fancy morroccan birthday dinner. unfortunatly i have no photos of the evening but everything we had was incredible from our pre-dinner cocktails to dessert. if you're in san francisco you must go check it out.


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Chris said...

Happy Birthday - looks like it was a good one! (And by "good," I mean "delicious") :D