Sunday, March 21, 2010


my birthday recently passed which means i have a nice new crop of cookbooks to play with. last night kris and i were excitedly making the baked samosas from yellow rose recipes. all was going well, the filling was almost done cooking when, yikes!!! i realized i never took the phyllo out of the freezer to thaw. an internet search for fast thawing tips proved shockingly unhelpful. but that's when an idea popped into my head and i must say i think it's pretty brilliant. so, next time you need to thaw some phyllo in a flash here's what to do:

place the unopened phyllo package in a ziplock bag and make sure it's sealed nice and tight.* place the bag is a baking dish and fill it up with hothothot water. refresh the water every now and then to keep it hot, turn the phyllo a few times and you should be good to go in 30 minutes or less!

*i didn't use a ziplock bag but would highly recommend it, apparently my package had a little hole somewhere. and if you thought regular phyllo dough was finicky just try working around soggy spots.


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