Tuesday, March 2, 2010

mexico mexico mexico!

kris and i just returned from a wonderfully relaxing and very delicious trip to hot, sunny puerto vallarta.

after a long day of traveling (well, ok, the flight wasn't long...but the customs line was!) the complimentary bottle of champagne in our room really hit the spot. enjoyed from our balcony overlooking the ocean, now we were on vacation!

and that was only the beginning of the many oceanside beverages enjoyed over the next four days.

we enjoyed one of the best tapas meals we've had in a long time at a place called barcelona tapas. the tables were all on an open balcony and we were lucky to get one right on the edge overlooking the city. we all know that you can't have tapas without a little sangria. or in our case a lot of sangria.

note to any couples who may find themselves dining here and pondering the whole pitcher vs. half pitcher order conundrum, go for the half. despite our most dedicated efforts we just. couldn't. finish. the whole pitcher.

of course, we ate while on our trip too, it wasn't all sangria, margaritas and pacifico. in fact i think i am going through guacamole withdrawal.

lots of yummy salsa too. i don't know what it was, but this salsa was amazing. better than any salsa ever. the chips were fantastic as well.

as vegetarians, we mostly relied on vegetable fajitas for our "real food," i feel like i became a bit of a connoisseur. the same place with the amazing salsa won my vote for favorite fajitas as well. maybe it was just because i put the salsa in the fajita, but the broccoli and cauliflower didn't hurt either.

however there was one place that allowed us to break away from fajitas and stuff our bellies full of all kinds of goodness. a tiny hole in the wall hidden along this rubble strewn street.

what's that we see?

ahhhhhh, our tiny little vegetarian oasis. this place was awesome! for $7.50 you get a vegetarian (vegan really) buffet where you can eat to your heart's content without a second thought as to what may be lurking in the food. we first went for dinner where they had the most delicious falafel, frijoles with two kinds of rice, pesto pasta, salad bar, bread pudding and bunches of other things that i am forgetting. we went back a second time for breakfast the morning that we left and filled up on pancakes, scrambled tortillas, scrambled tofu, potatoes, green stew with seitan, more frijoles and fresh fruit. we're certainly not lacking vegan food in san francisco but i'm going to miss this place.


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