Sunday, June 21, 2009

easy crackers

what seems like so long ago now, in my first post, i wrote about easy bread. this week, after putting it off for long enough, i finally got around to trying jim's recipe for easy bread - crackers. that counts as a productive use of my newfound free time due to unemployment, right?

while these were easy for the most part, they were not as easy as easy bread. i found them quite difficult to roll out. maybe i just need to do some push ups or something. i did find that instead of breaking the dough in half to roll out it was much easier to roll in smaller pieces. then, after cutting the strips i rolled each individually a bit more. i got the job done but it was a work out. the end result was great though! a nice hearty cracker that was perfect for a hefty dip.

i made these on thursday, threw them in a ziplock bag and brought them to a picnic at dolores park on saturday with the mushroom walnut pate from veganomicon. they still had a perfect crisp to them!

i would definitely recommend making these especially since you can add any herbs and spices you want to make your perfect cracker. i did crushed red pepper flakes in the dough and sprinkled smoked salt on top.


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