Thursday, January 22, 2009

your leftovers = hash!

did you happen to make an indian feast earlier this week? do you have a container full of leftover samosa filling in your fridge? a ton of extra spinach? a few leftover whole canned tomatoes? maybe you also have a spare carrot hanging out with a lone little red potato. a half onion just begging to be put to work. and perhaps you have a hankering for tofutti brats. what more could anyone ask for? the stars are perfectly aligned...throw it all in a pan and call it a hash!

one of our favorite ways to use up all those leftovers that collect over the week is to make hashes and tofu/tempeh/whathaveyou scrambles. i know there are tons of recipes out there for these things claiming to be the tried and true best (and i'm sure they're delicious), but i prefer to just let the leftovers do the thinking i suppose. i honestly don't think we've ever made the same one twice (i mean see how it comes about) but they never fail to deliver. always intensly flavorful, sometimes with flavor combinations that might make you wonder....but don't question it, just go with it.* the other wonderful part is that these are a snap to whip up because everything is already made. maybe just a little chopping here and there but it should come together quite painlessly.

*ok, maybe there are times to question but i have yet to encounter that time. i trust you to use your judgement. obviously you should just eat your leftover slice of pizza (cold) and not chop it up and throw it in a pan with curried vegetables. or should you?