Monday, October 4, 2010

eating and drinking ourselves through europe

kris and i recently* returned from a 10 day european vacation where we ate tons of falafel, drank a lot of beer and filled in the other parts with various delicious nibbles and drinks. i started writing this post and quickly realized that, at the rate i was going, it was going to be very long and very rambly and nobody wants that.

so in attempt number two i give you the highlights, as short and sweet as i can.

our first stop, brussels, was all about frites and beer.

we went to the cantillon brewery, if you like sour beer buy this stuff if you get the chance

it's really easy to do day trips from brussels. we went to cologne one day and tested out a couple of pretzels. the real winner was the walnut bread though.

after a few more days exploring brussels and day trips to ghent and lille we took off for amsterdam. kris and i love falafel and were on a mission to find the best that amsterdam had to offer. after 5 falafels in 4 days (with one day off) it came to a toss up between maoz and sonny. both places had fantastic toppings bars so that you could load up your falafel to your liking.

and certainly you didn't expect us to go through an entire trip without seeking out bagels. bagels & beans in amsterdam is surprisingly delicious!

a few more yummy things to leave you with:

*ok so it's been over a month. i've been a bit slow getting this post together.



J. Reinhardt said...

Do they not have Maoz in San Francisco? They have them in New York, Philly, and DC...

Erin and Darcy said...

i think there might be one in the east bay which, to me, means it might as well be in europe ;-)

Unknown said...

One of my friend who was in tour to europe called me and said that "Food in europe are tempting" and i felt like its general complimentary because whenever we visit new locations we tend to appreciate their foods.But after reading your article,infact above pics made my mouth water.I wish if i had that walnut bread in my hand along with sour beer..Really tempting pics!

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