Sunday, April 12, 2009

po' boys and ceviche

our dinner menu on friday could have been straight out of iron chef. and the secret ingredient was....mushrooms!!!

kris had the day off and picked out two deliciously mushroom-centric dishes from, again, the artful vegan. mixed mushroom ceviche and oyster mushroom po' boys. both were amazing. i can't say that i've ever had traditional ceviche but this version with shitake, white and oyster mushrooms was perfectly tangy with a little creaminess thanks to the diced avocado. it was a nice, fresh side dish to accompany the po' boys. now that i think of it, i don't believe i have ever had a po' boy either, but i can't imagine that the real thing is any better than what we made. i picked up a couple of deli rolls from acme and we toasted them before topping them with prefectly crispy breaded and fried oyster mushrooms, a vegan remoulade (that was awesome!) and some shredded romaine lettuce with red onion and thin tomato slices.


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Erin & Andy said...

recipes please!!! this looks way too delicious NOT to make it :)