Tuesday, December 9, 2008

30 minutes (ish)

when erin suggested the 30 minute challenge to me i was excited and didn't think it would be too difficult. but then the five ingredient factor was introduced and i was a bit stumped. but i think i've got a good one!

wild rice bowl

one box wild rice (not the pre-seasoned stuff)
one package grape tomatoes
one onion (i like vidalia or a similar sweet onion)
one bunch asparagus
olive oil, salt and pepper (those can count as one ingredient, right?)

heat oven to 375
cook the rice according to the instructions on the box*
chop the onion into large chunks and the asparagus into thirds.
toss the onion, asparagus and tomatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper and spread on a baking sheet.
roast the veggies until they brown and the tomatoes start to ooze.
when the rice is done, divide among bowls and top with veggies.

*this may put a damper on the 30 minute rule as wild rice sometimes takes a long time to cook. however since you don't have to do anything once the rice is going and the veggies are in the oven you have lots of time to do something while you wait. it's really very efficient!

i love the flavor and texture of wild rice and combined with the flavors that roasting brings out of the veggies this meal requires very little seasoning. easy easy!


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